July 11, 2013

Jack Nolan: Qualified Sports Announcer

Jack Nolan is definitely qualified to be an announcer.

Nolan’s first announcing job came when he was nine years old. He would record himself announce Boston Red Sox baseball games and later play them for everyone to hear over the loud speaker on his train rides home.

He did admit his announcing job for the Red Sox was self proclaimed. He would also hand out players stats for everyone in his section to read before the game.

Nolan would not have been able to put his early childhood recordings on his resume.

But he could put that he worked for his high school newspaper and got a job as a news anchor for a local CNN station in Atlanta right out of college.

Nolan worked for CNN less than a year before being offered a job to co-host WNDU-AM’s popular radio sports talk show in 1982. He was on the show until 1999.

At the same time Nolan started doing play-by-play for Notre Dame men’s basketball games and has been doing that for Notre Dame on TV or radio for more than 32 years.



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