July 11, 2013

Even Jewell Loyd Has Role Models

Jewell Loyd has many people to look up to coming into her sophomore year as a basketball player at the University of Notre Dame.

Loyd’s mom was a major role model in her life. Her mom was an English teacher who helped her with speaking in public. Her mom also helped her with her confidence on and off the court.

Loyd’s older brother also was a person that she looked up to. “Whatever my brother did, I did,” said Loyd yesterday at our interview. “If my brother played soccer, I played soccer.” Her brother was a great role model and motivator.

Loyd also looks up to some famous professional basketball players like Kobe Bryant and Skylar Diggins. Loyd said she watches Kobe highlights before each game. “Skylar is like a big sister to me,” said Loyd. No mater how successful or good people are, everyone always has people they look up to.



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