July 11, 2013

A Humble Attitude Gets You Far

NOTRE DAME, Ind.–Yesterday the Write on Sports camp got to interview Jewell Loyd on the Notre Dame campus.

Loyd, of the Notre Dame women’s basketball team, talked with the students from the Write on Sports camp. One thing that she talked about was her pre-game ritual that includes watching “Kobe highlights,” drinking apple juice at the bench, followed by a prayer.

Also in the interview was Jack Nolan, voice of Notre Dame athletics. A few times during the interview Nolan referred to Loyd’s calm and humble interview style, which Loyd credited to her mom.

Even when Loyd won the Freshman of the Year award this past season at Notre Dame, she was able to keep a humble attitude.

At the end of the interview students were able to ask questions of Loyd and get a strong feel of her humble personality on and off the court.


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