July 9, 2013

The Marathon Runner

Goshen, Ind.- Today Justin Gillette came to Goshen College so he could be interviewed by Write On Sports campers.Gillette spoke about how he has improved as a runner since he began running 17 years ago.

Gillette went on his first run Feb 14, 1996. His grandmother had just passed and he needed a relief. He ran down to Kacy’s general store,bought a donut then walked home.

Gillette continued as a runner and ran his first marathon when he was 16 he told his mother that he was going to visit his grandmother.

Gillette went to Goshen College and he ran a lot. He originally wanted to go to bethel but the coach said that he wasn’t good enough. Gillette then beat all the Bethel runners in competition.

Gillette has now run in over 100 races and has won 64. His best time is a 2:25:24. He wishes to get down to a 2:22 which is the old olympic trial time.



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