July 9, 2013

Justin Gillette Competitive Marathon Runner

Justin Gillette explained how he stays healthy and trains for marathons during an interview with Elkhart Truth sports journalists Anthony Anderson at the Goshen Write On Sports Camp.

Even for an experienced marathon runner like Gillette, a marathon is extremely hard, but there are a few things Gillette and similar runners do to make the race easier.

Gillette watches his diet very closely and may run up to one hundred and eighty miles a week during the offseason. He also tries to get lots of rest and stretch multiple times a day to prevent pulling or straining a muscle.

For Gillette staying healthy is the main way to stay competitive for example, during the main seasons for marathon running, spring and fall, he may run seventy to eighty miles a week while taking an ice bath every other way.

Gillette was not shy to point out he is 5th in the world and 2nd in the U.S. in marathon wins thus showing his competitive spirit.

Gillette has many goals for the future. He assured us he would someday be number one in the U.S. in marathon wins, and and achieve a personal best marathon time of two hours and twenty two minutes. He would also like to hold the world record for marathon wins.



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