July 9, 2013

From 20th place to 64 wins

“I’m very happy with my win total.”

That’s what Marathon superstar, Justin Gillette told me when I interviewed him. Why does he say that? Well simply because he has an amazing win percentage of a little over 50%! He has 64 marathon wins and has had 62 other place finishes. In total he has run 126 marathons.

An even more amazing fact is that he is 5th in the world for the most marathon wins. He also is 2nd in the USA only behind Chuck Engle.

He told me “That he and Chuck Engle are very competitive because the track I’m on has me passing him by the end of my career.”

I’m not surprised that he will because of how much drive and dedication he has to be on top.

In his first Marathon Gillette finished 20th. It was impressive because he was only 16 years old. Even though he didn’t win it was a impressive because he was only a amateur marathon runner.

From 20th place to 64 wins, the marathon man Justin Gillette.



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