First day of spring

On the Official First Day of Spring (OFDS) of March 10, as predicted by the Sapometer, students and faculty wearing shorts could be seen all over campus -- in the cafeteria, on the sidewalks, in classes and enjoying the sun on the lawn. A group of science students and faculty wearing shorts even celebrated with a frisbee football game, and the science faculty later enjoyed the sun on their legs as they finished a break with ice cream. A reminder that though the temperature hit a high of 48 degrees on March 10, and since has only dropped, the accuracy of the scientific prediction is solely measured by the number of shorts worn on campus. Therefore, the Sapometer again came through with an accuracy Phil cannot claim. Since the OFDS, though, not many shorts-wearers can be found. Find out more about the Goshen College SAPs.
Photos by: Jodi H. Beyeler

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