Campus renovations

Construction of a new four-story apartment-style building on the Goshen College campus, to house seniors in 16 apartments, began the first week of June with the intention of being completed by the fall of 2005. According to Vice President of Student Life Bill Born, the 25,000-square foot apartments will be “very residential in feel,” with distinctive architecture, though still related to campus in design. The building will house 64 seniors, and each apartment will have four single rooms (though sharing will be an option for students who want to save money), two baths, living space and a kitchen. “This is a good option for seniors who are looking for more independence, but also for the amenities of living on campus, like Internet hook-ups and regular maintenance, and no commute, utility deposits or landlord issues,” Born said. Questions? Contact Student Life Office

New construction

Apartments for senior students
Last updated: November 1, 2005

Completed projects