Nyarero: David & Indy in banana country

Stuck in the mud!

I hope the delay in posting has not been too long!  We did not have internet on our trip through Nyarero, Mogabili, and Shirati.  Goshen College also experienced some server problems on Sunday.   However, now we are back online! Last week, after getting our car fully fixed in Musoma, we left for another week long … Keep reading »

Meg & Ted – Kemgesi teachers!

Josephine showing us the school's supplies

We arrived in Kemgesi late on Thursday night after our long safari through the rolling hills of surrounding villages. Kemgesi town is nestled on the slopes of a rocky hill in front of a treeless plain of green pasture.  Our headlights didn’t allow us to gain a full feel of the vista, but we succeeded … Keep reading »

Josh – Farming in Kenyana


We left early Thursday morning for Kenyana, a very rural town about an hour west of Mugumu.  We met Josh Miller and the pastor of the Mennonite Church in Kenyana along the roadside flagging us down.  Otherwise, we may have passed right through Kenyana! Kenyana is a beautiful town with mountain ranges framing the sky … Keep reading »

Emily & Laura – thriving in Mugumu

Laura's place of work

Emily Bowman and Laura Krabill are both living in Mugumu town, about an hour west of the Serengeti National Park.  Mugumu is a town with connections to Goshen!  Professor of nursing Jan Emswiler and her husband Kajungu lived in Mugumu before coming to Goshen.  We met many of their friends in the community and in … Keep reading »

Nata – Linking tourism, ag, and livelihoods


Nata is a small town of several thousand people on the western edge of the Serengeti National Park. Erica Grasse, David Graber, and Jonathan Mast are living and volunteering in Nata and we visited them on Monday and Tuesday of this week. We arrived in time to share a lunch on the town (at the … Keep reading »

Anna & Annika teaching in Murangi

Anna and Annika's church

This past week marks our first service visit!  Thursday and Friday we spent in Murangi, a town about 1 ½ hours south of Musoma directly on Lake Victoria.  The town is a small village of several thousand residents nestled on a hill overlooking the water, with a very splendid view. Anna Ruth and Annika Miller … Keep reading »

Nyabange Mennonite Church & MTCEA

Our last group picture before leaving for service

On Sunday the students and our family attended the Nyabange Mennonite Church in Nyabange, a small village on the outskirts of Musoma where the Mennonite Theological College of East Africa (MTCEA) is located.  We have also been offered a house by the college to stay in during our time on service, for which we are … Keep reading »

Ikoma Cultural Center


During our visit to Grumeti we stayed at the Ikoma Cultural Center located between Mugumu and Nata.  The cultural center is run by Agnes and her husband and provides an opportunity for visitors to experience some of the local culture surrounding the Serengeti, while at the same time providing economic benefits to the communities. Upon … Keep reading »

Grumeti Reserve


Tanzania’s land management comprises a mix of complete protected areas (national parks like the Serengeti), areas where wildlife can be comsumed (wildlife management areas – WMA), and areas where humans can live and coexist with wildlife (akin to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area).  Our goal was to explore these multiple land use options and examine the … Keep reading »

Serengeti National Park


After our night on the rim of Ngorongoro Crater we helped break down camp and load the land cruisers for our trip to the Serengeti, about a 3 hr drive.  On the way we stopped at the famous Olduvai Gorge (more correctly Oldupai).  Oldupai is the location of important fossil finds related to human evolution, … Keep reading »