Tanzania makes international news

You may have heard that last evening Tanzania experienced an unfortunate accident at a military base south of the airport.  An accident caused an unknown quantity of ammunition to be discharged, which caused explosions that were felt many kilometers away.

I wanted to simply report that all the students and their host families are safe, something we are very grateful for.  As a precaution, several Goshen College students who lived the closest to the military base did evacuate the area with their host families, but returned to their homes later the same evening.

The group is safe and well and they asked that I let you know!  Tomorrow students will take their final Swahili exam, we’ll have our final lecture on traditional music in Tanzania, and then prepare to leave Dar on Monday.  On Sunday, all the students will attend Upanga Mennonite Church for a farewell event, singing, and we’ll offer many thanks to the church and our families for their great hospitality.  Peace.