The students arrived safely…

Today marks the beginning of the adventure.  Due to some difficulties with visas for four students, we welcomed 19 of the 23 Tanzania SST’ers today.  (The other four are on the way and will arrive a day later.)  The students arrived in great spirits and were ready to jump into life here in Tanzania.  Their flight to Dar was delayed by one hour, but otherwise uneventful.

We picked the students up at the airport around 2:00 and were back in the city center by 3:00.  After some sodas, water, and rest we went on a short walk through the city for some exercise and to get acquainted with town. We had a brief stop at the ice cream stand as a means to cool off, before walking to the Upanga Mennonite Church (where the group picture was taken).

We had a dinner of rice and chicken at the YMCA and YWCA where the students are spending the first night in town.  The Holiday Inn (air conditioned!) conference room across the street, was ideal for a brief orientation meeting.  Tomorrow we’ll have additional orientations in the morning and a bus tour of the city in the afternoon, before host families pick up the students at the church.

Students say hello to everyone and send you their love and well wishes.  They will surely sleep well tonight!  We are eager to become “united” as a complete unit and are looking forward to welcoming Leah, David, Emily, and Annika tomorrow.