Students present community sustainability projects in "Roots of the Environmental Crisis" course


This semester I had the opportunity a few times to sit in on a class taught by professor of Biology, Ryan Sensenig, called Roots of the Environmental Crisis. This new course offered at Goshen College emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to thinking about our lives by examining the local connections we have to natural resources and … Keep reading »

So What Should We Think About All These Dandelions?

April 22, 2012 This year we have a bumper crop of dandelions at Goshen College! In fact, I think it is safe to say that in the 108 year history of our campus, dandelions have never been this abundant or healthy. For the last several decades at least, these perennial yellow harbingers of spring have … Keep reading »

Native landscaping project update

12 acres of the campus lawn grass has been killed and is being converted into native landscaping. It is all on the east side of the tracks that run through campus, around the residence halls, Music Center, Physical Plant and athletic fields.

Large areas of the college campus lawn are being transformed from traditional lawn to native landscaping. For almost a year Goshen College has been planning and organizing this effort, and on May 2 the process began. The change required that the existing turf be killed and new seeds be planted. Now the slow waiting process … Keep reading »

Looking for Energy Saving Initiatives

The Ecological Stewardship Committee is always interested in new energy saving initiatives. Some of those ideas are complex and long-term, such as the student-operated biodiesel plant, which converts waste vegetable oil into fuel for the campus generator and maintenance vehicles. Others can be as simple as a clothes line to avoid using the dryer. Either … Keep reading »

Lighting up our Christmas Trees


For the past several years we have been decorating the large spruce tree beside the Union Building with lights. It has been a great centerpiece for our Christmas celebrations. This year we decided to light up another tree, this time the one next to the Westlawn dining hall. Two trees, each with 1250 lights, but … Keep reading »