Overcoming Barriers

Heading off for over three months in another country is easy for some students. Others might like to consider SST but have circumstances that make it difficult. Commuter students may find the extra room and board fees beyond their budget. Athletes may not be able to take time away from the demands of the sports they play. A student with a disability may wonder if accommodations are available for her. Other students may worry that they will face racism or homophobia in an unfamiliar culture.

The resources on this page address situations that prevent students from choosing SST. If the barrier you face is not represented here, contact jans@goshen.edu to set up a time to talk. No one should have to pass up a rare opportunity to see the world from a different angle.

I just want a career and a degree. Why should this matter to me?

I need to hear the honest opinions of other students.

  • Delphin Monga, Tanzania 2020 – Delphin chose to spend SST in the region where he spent his childhood as a refugee.
  • Eric Miller, “The Refuge” Film, Ecuador Spring 2020 – Eric created this film about Ecuador while on SST. He also describes what the COVID-19 evacuation was like.
  • Emma Eitzen completed a project on Identity Issues on SST for students of color while on SST in Tanzania in 2020. Video coming soon.

I can’t afford SST.

  • See our scholarship page. In the past year, Goshen College students have been awarded Boren, Gilman and Rotary Scholarships.

I can’t fit SST into my athletic schedule.

  • Information coming soon

I am concerned about encountering racism in another culture.

Anti-Racism Resources for White people CIEE

More resources coming soon.

I am an LGBTQ student.

I’m not sure international travel can work for me because of a disability.