SST Options, ’21 and ’22

Sign-up instructions: Go to myGC and look for the SST form in the lower right corner.

Students hoping to go on SST in the next year can register for semester-long SST units in the U.S.,  EcuadorSenegal, China and Indonesia.  Tanzania will be offered in 2022-2023.  

Semester-long Offerings

Summer 2020-2021

US | Leaders: David Lind and Kendra Yoder

This unit is a new, semester-long look at Native American culture with the last two courses taking place in Arizona. See details.

Fall 2021-2022

Ecuador | Leaders: Caleb Longenecker Fox and Nina Fox
China | Leaders: TBD

Spring 2021-2022

Ecuador | Leaders: Caleb Longenecker Fox and Nina Fox
Indonesia | Leaders: TBD

Short-term and single course options

May Term 2020-2021

  • US Cultural Perspectives: From Chicago to Amish Country — 3 credits
    Leader: Philipp Gollner
  • US Community Engaged Learning: Environ Disaster & Response — 3 credits
    Leader: Kendra Yoder
  • SOC 342, Native American Society & Cultures— 3 credits
    Leader: David Lind
  • Phil 307, Asian Thought

  • Intl 253, History & Culture of Latinos in the US

  • Core 300, Global Issues: Indigenous Rights

See course descriptions

June 14 to July 30

  • INTL 251 US, Cultural Perspectives: Native American Cultures, Arizona — 3 credits
  • INTL 271 US, Community Engaged Learning: Native American Health and Welfare — 3 credits
    It is strongly recommended that students take SOC 342 and CORE 300 along with these courses. Students MUST take these two courses as a package, because they will be traveling in Arizona.
    Leader: David Lind and Kendra Yoder

Previous destinations

Over the years, we have sent students to Belize, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Germany, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Mali, Morocco, NicaraguaPeru, Poland and South Korea. Goshen College offered a domestic Latino Studies program in which students studied about, served in and were immersed in the local Latino culture for a semester in Northern Indiana.