SST Destinations

Tentative schedule and leaders:

Spring 2019

Peru | Leaders: Scott Hochstetler & Rachel Hostetler

Summer 2019

Peru | Leaders: Scott Hochstetler & Rachel Hostetler

Fall 2019

Ecuador | Leaders:  Andrew & Ruth Hartzler

Spring 2020

Ecuador  | Leaders: Andrew & Ruth Hartzler
Tanzania | Leaders: Jonathon & Katie Schramm

Summer 2020

Ecuador | Leaders: Andrew & Ruth Hartzler
Senegal | Leaders: TBD

Fall 2020

Ecuador | Leaders: TBD
China | Leaders: TBD

Current destinations

ChinaIndonesia, EcuadorSenegalTanzania

Previous destinations

Over the years, we have sent students to Belize, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Germany, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Mali, Morocco, NicaraguaPeru, Poland and South Korea. Goshen College offered a domestic Latino Studies program in which students studied about, served in and were immersed in the local Latino culture for a semester in Northern Indiana.