Contribute to the SST Exhibit

Garifuna Painting, Cassava Harvest by a Woman, Belize

Exhibit: “Brought Home: Objects and Stories from 50 Years of SST”
Dates: March 3 to May 22, 2019
Location: Library Gallery, Goshen College
Curator: John Blosser, professor emeritus of art

Alumni, students and faculty are invited to submit objects “brought home” from SST for this special commemorative exhibit. What treasures do you own that preserve memories and experiences from your SST experience? Consider paintings, textiles, toys, carvings, costumes, jewelry, ceramics, baskets, masks, metalwork and other mundane or exotic items.

By Oct. 30, 2018, send a list of what you have to offer for the exhibit to the SST office ( Describe each item, give its size, the SST location and date, and any story that lies behind it or the meaning that it holds for you. We have a special interest in gifts you may have been given on SST, and the people and stories behind them. Please include a photo of the object. The curator will choose from the submissions and ask you to bring or send them to campus by a date to be announced.