Campus SST Conference — “Global Education for All: Renewing Our Vision”

This conference has ended. To see videos from lectures and convocation, click here.

Schedule of Events

Goshen College will host a two-day (March 5-6, 2019) conference examining the future of the college’s transformative Study-Service Term (SST) program. Participants will examine the past 50 years of SST and look ahead to its future through panels, workshops, lectures and more.

This campus conference is free and open to the public.

General feedback form

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

7 p.m.: Opening Plenary Lecture by Elaine Meyer-Lee, “The Value and Pedagogy of Global Learning for 21st Century Students” (Convo credit, feedback form)

Church-Chapel (live-streamed) 

Elaine Meyer-Lee is associate vice president for global learning and leadership development at Agnes Scott College, working with the SUMMIT program to prepare every student, regardless of major, to lead effectively in a global society through a curriculum and co-curriculum focused on global learning and leadership development. Meyer-Lee has served for the past two years as the president and chair of the board of NAFSA: Association of International Educators, among other leadership positions in higher education. She participated on SST in Haiti in 1984.

8:15 p.m.: Reception

Church-Chapel,  Fellowship Hall

A reception will follow to honor former SST directors and leaders, and the retirement of Tom Meyers, international education director.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

8:30 a.m.: Panel — “Reflections on SST: Significant Moments” (Feedback form)

Church-Chapel, South Fellowship Hall

This panel reflecting on the past and significance of SST will feature former leaders and directors (Tom Meyers, Hank Weaver, Arlin Hunsberger, Dan Hess, Mario Wenger). Coffee and rolls will be available at 8:15 a.m.

10 a.m.: Convocation — “Global Education for All” (Convo credit, feedback form)

Church-Chapel (live-streamed) 

Convo will include students reporting from the fall Search Conference and considering where global education at Goshen College is headed.

11 a.m.: Workshops with the Task Forces

  • What will replace SST Alt? (Kathy Meyer Reimer and Andrew Hartzler) Newcomer Center, Room 17 (Feedback form)
  • How can the scheduling and financial issues be resolved? (Colleen Geier and Joel Short) Church-Chapel (Feedback form)
  • How can we do a better job of pre- and post-SST? (David Lind and Jan Shetler) Newcomer Center, Room 19 (Feedback form)
  • How can we improve the existing semester abroad SST program? (Keith Graber-Miller and Ryan Sensenig) Church-Chapel, South Fellowship Hall (Feedback form)

1 p.m.: Topical Presentations

  • Latinx Students and SST (Jose Ortiz and Landon Weldy) — Newcomer Center, Room 19 (Feedback form)
  • Defining Global Citizenship and its Implications for Global Education (David Lind and Kyle Schlabach) — Church-Chapel, Room 110 (Feedback form)
  • International Students and SST (Yejin Kim and Skip Barnett) — Church-Chapel, Room 112  (Feedback form)
  • Can we have our SST and green it too? (Gabe Miller and Jodi Beyeler) — Newcomer Center, Room 17 (Feedback form)
  • Roundtable with Faculty, Transformation on SST (Duane Stoltzfus with panelists Richard Aguirre, Paul Keim, Pat Lehman, Deanna Risser, Judy Weaver and Kendra Yoder) — Church-Chapel, South Fellowship Hall (Feedback form)
  • Interactive Session: Gamelan (Marcia Yost and Debra Detwiler) — Union, East Gym

2 p.m.: Topical Presentations

  • Conversation with SST Country Coordinators (Wang Ying, Agnes Odhiambo, Anja Kenagy and Jan Shetler) — Newcomer Center, Room 19 (Feedback form)
  • Safety and Support on SST (Kendra Yoder and Ethan Lapp) — Newcomer Center, Room 17 (Feedback form)
  • Significant Events in the History of SST (Tom Meyers) — Church-Chapel, Room 112 (Feedback form)
  • Current SST Financial Realities (Deanna Risser and Joel Short) — Church-Chapel, Room 110 (Feedback form)
  • Experiences of Identity and Culture for Students of Color on SST (Richard Aguirre, Alia Byrd, Jose Ortiz and Karina Palos) — Church-Chapel, South Fellowship Hall (Feedback form)
  • Interactive Session: Gamelan (Marcia Yost and Debra Detwiler) — Union, East Gym

3:30 p.m.: Reception for the opening of “Brought Home: Objects and Stories from 50 Years of SST” exhibit

Good Library Gallery

The exhibit will be on display from March 3-May 19. It will contain artifacts that students and faculty leaders acquired during their SST terms and brought back home. It offers a wide variety of mundane and exotic objects, fine art and folk art, including paintings, textiles, toys, carvings, costumes, jewelry, ceramics, baskets, masks and metalwork. Some were gifts from friends in the foreign country. All embody lasting stories and memories of people and events. The items come from the earliest units, from 1968, in Guadeloupe, Costa Rica and Jamaica as well as the most recent ones in China, Tanzania, Peru, Senegal and Indonesia.

John Blosser, Professor Emeritus of Art, is curator of the exhibit, assisted by students Rachel Yoder and Katie Yoder. The exhibit is sponsored by the International Education Office and the Mennonite-Amish Museum Committee.

7 p.m.: Closing Plenary Address by Ron Krabill “Universal Design, Radical Reciprocity and Global Citizenship” (Convo credit, feedback form)

Umble Center (live-streamed) 

Ron Krabill is associate professor in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences at the University of Washington Bothell (UWB) and affiliate faculty with the Center for Communication, Difference and Equity and the Center for Human Rights at the University of Washington (UW). Krabill is the co-founder of the UWB Global Scholars program, designed to increase access to international education opportunities for first-generation students and students of color. He has also helped develop the Pedagogies of Reciprocity Project. He is a 1990 Goshen College graduate and a 1987 China SST alum.

This will be followed by reflection from our listener, Earl Kellogg, and a closing of the conference. Kellogg is professor emeritus and former associate provost for international affairs at University of Illinois, higher education consultant and member of the Mennonite Church USA Executive Board.