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April 30, 2010

Host Families

After a good night’s rest, our second day began with a walking tour of Thiès city center and market area. Photos ,contributed by students, will be posted later.  After the walking tour we rested back at our hotel and then had a lunch of yassa poulet, chicken with rice and onions, that is typically served to special visitors or guests. After lunch and an orientation to life in Sénégal, students met members of their host families and headed off to their homes.  There was a blend of nervousness, excitement, and joy as introductions were made and the beginning of new…

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April 29, 2010


Students arrived in Dakar at 5 am, one half hour early.  After a light petit dejeuner and our first group photo near the lighthouse on the edge of Dakar, we travelled for about 2 hours to Thiès.  After settling in at our hotel we enjoyed a lunch of Sénégal’s national dish of ceebu jën (Wolof spelling). After lunch some played hacky sack while others rested from their 24-hour journey.

April 20, 2010

Getting Ready

Ron and Sally Jo Milne are on location in Thiès, Sénégal, preparing for the students arrival on 29 April, 2010.  Ron, retired Professor of Mathematics, and Sally Jo, retired Librarian at GC, have led 5 SST units in the past: 3 in Haiti (1978 – 79), 1 in Côte d’Ivoire (1995), and 1 in Indonesia (2001). Thiès, a city of about 400,000 residents, is located 70 km east of the capital Dakar and played a significant economic role during the colonial era as a major railroad junction.  These days there is a branch of the University in Thiès, and also…

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