Farewell and Departures

On Friday night we celebrated our host families with a small program and party. Adama opened the meeting and translated when necessary. David gave a small thank you from Goshen College. The heart of the program was statements of gratitude and a song from the students. This was followed by impromptu responses from the families, also expressing their gratitude and connection. We finished the evening with a delicious spread made by Madame Samb, Emma Z’s host mother.

Students left for service on Saturday morning. They left for a variety of locations (St. Louis, Grand Mbao, Mbour, Ndangane Sambou, Sandiara, Fandénr, and Gorom). They will be connected to different activities on service (farming, agro-ecology, health clinics, after school programs, teaching, child care, and of course some hanging out and being in place with their Senegalese hosts). They left using a variety of forms of public transportation (small bus, sept-place, taxis). Finally, they negotiated multiple transportation changes, kept their luggage safe, and found their hosts in their new homes. They all arrived safely by mid-afternoon. We look forward to hearing about their experiences and learnings!

*Brandon and Bree are waiting in Thiès until Monday when they will leave for a town called Toubab Diallo where they will be working with the Djarama Association.


Final study term group picture.
Audience during the farewell party
Brandon and Ryan with families
Brandon and Ryan with families
Host mother speaking to the group
Six students share a ride to Mbour for the first leg of their journey. Piling on the luggage.
Six students share the first leg of their trip to Mbour before parting ways.
Jonah and Ryan climbing into their bus
Jonah and Ryan climbing into their bus
Anna crawls into the bus to sit by Gabe.
Suzanna and Samuel in their sept-place