Preparing to leave Senegal

This Senegal SST is nearly done!  We have continued to enjoy our time together here at our place on the beach, to relax and hear each other’s stories, to think about what we have learned and experienced, and try to figure out the connections between this place and the homes we will be returning to soon.  Everyone has forged some surprisingly deep relationships with host families, co-workers, and other adults and children with whom they have lived and worked — and saying goodby to these people has been difficult.  At the same time thoughts are turning towards home, familiar places, and the friends and family that await us there.

After lunch today we will pack up our stuff, our bus will come one last time for us and we will be off to Dakar.  Before we drop them all off at the airport this evening we hope to visit a monument that allows a beautiful overview of the city of Dakar and we will eat together one last time at a restaurant on the beach to send them on their way.

Here are a few pictures from today as we have met together to talk and process and worship and eat together.