Exploring Thiès

After breakfast this morning students — grouped more-or-less by their host neighborhoods — got into taxies to head to the center of Thiès to do some exploring.  They were dropped off at different places and and were given some tasks along the way to help them explore and try out their communication skills.  When they were finished, they found their way to our house (“Chez Goshen”) for lunch, getting each others’ contacts into their newly activated cell phones and telling stories of their adventures.  Over and over we have heard students exclaim that everyone they meet are so friendly and helpful.

Our coordinator, Adama, his wife, Mary, and their 4 boys came to join us, too, to be introduced to the group.  As they are very much part of our family now they all are sporting Goshen College t-shirts or hats!

After a bit more orientation about next week’s schedule,  we all walked back to their guesthouse to pack up and wait for for host families to come take them to their new homes for the rest of the weekend.  (A note about the photos — a couple of families who are related sent a representative to pick up a couple of students)  A few butterflies, but lots of smiles and excitement too.  It will be really interesting to hear all their new stories when we see them again Monday morning.