Day one orientation

Students woke this morning to the call to prayer from the mosque near the guesthouse and, before too long, lots of excited voices from school children arriving at the John Huffmann school that is attached to their guesthouse.   Folks there had breakfast ready for them at 8:30 and by 9:30 we were off and running with the first of several orientation sessions.  The director of the John Huffmann School welcomed us on behalf of the school and the Baptist Church and presented overview information about Senegal and more detailed information in his area of expertise:  how things are working in the education sector here.  Fulgence has worked for many years with education exchange programs (and will also be one of their French teachers).  He offered tips to help students navigate their first weeks with host families from his extensive experience.  He was joined by Elizabeth, a teacher at the school, who especially addressed our women students on gender issues they may face.  Annelise, a long-term Swiss-Mennonite missionary in Africa, and a great friend of the SST program over the years, was kind enough to bring snacks for everyone.

In the afternoon after lunch and a rest, the group walked to Bartimé Hospital where Dr. Adamson talked to us about health care in Senegal, and gave students advise on how to stay healthy here.  Then a walk back to C.A.F.E. and a little wrap-up with Peter and Jan.  A full day and a good start.