Senate Initiatives

2015-16 School Year

  • Coming soon!

2014-15 School Year

  •  Allocated club funding and additional funding requests
  • Promoted and ran At-large Representative elections
  • Set agenda for Board of Directors meeting
  • Public Minutes
  • Rearrangement of Apartment Bulletin Board
  • Student-Human Resources Contact Person
  • Board of Directors Visibility
  • Gender Initiative Mission Statement

2013-14 School Year

  • Senate Constitution Revision:  Revised from 2000
  • AVI Fresh:  Student Food Advisory Committee
  • Campus Emergency Response
  • TV by North fireplace in Westlawn Dining Hall:  Broadcasting GCTV and other channels
  • Wrote cards to area churches near Washington, IL affected by tornado in November
  • Campus Connections:  Student Mentoring Program
  • Provided student representation in GC Board meeting
  • Core Curriculum student critiques
  • Visual Arts building improvement proposal
  • Campus Employers:  Adding job prioritization for students not only on the basis of financial need, but also on the basis of career development
  • Distribution of funding to clubs.  (Additional club funding still available via appropriate request)
  • Co-ed Dorm Floor for 2015:  Ongoing conversation with Student Life on behalf of student interest
  • Laundry Etiquette for Dorms:  Installation of baskets
  • Transportation to local stores twice a month for International students