Department Overview

The Sustainability and Environmental Education Department (SEED) offers two undergraduate immersion experiences in sustainability: a fall Sustainability Semester in Residence and an Agroecology Summer Intensive. These two immersion experiences provide the core of two minors in sustainability and agroecology.

SEED also offers a master’s degree in environmental education. The courses offered by SEED take place at Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center of Goshen College, a 1,189-acre natural area 30 miles from the main campus. This preserve contains prairies, grasslands, upland forests, lowland forests, lakes, ponds and senescent bogs. SEED faculty offices are in facilities at Merry Lea.

The mission of the department is to provide:

  • a setting for interdisciplinary practice by engaging the constructs of education, science, faith, human ecology and economics;
  • student-centered learning experiences in ecological systems at Merry Lea;
  • training in environmental education — including pedagogy, issues and practice;
  • and, learning opportunities in sustainability — including buildings, food systems, social dynamics–all integrated with ecological system.

SEED collaborates with the biological sciences and education departments in curricular development and course delivery. It also works with other academic departments to achieve the interdisciplinary goals above.

For more information, visit the Merry Lea web site or these pages: