Advanced Placement

Goshen College acknowledges Advanced Placement exam results. Credit is awarded for scores of three or higher, documented on an official AP exam score report. Credits may be counted toward GC CORE requirements, major or minor requirements, or electives. Goshen College score equivalencies can be found here.

For other exams not listed, we would award 3 hours of elective credit for scores of 3 or better.  NOTE: If student has both Lit & Comp and Lang & Comp AP test scores, 6 hrs will be awarded only if both scores are 4 or 5.

AP test scores

See to request your scores to be sent to Goshen College. You can order online or by mail or fax.  No credit for AP scores will be posted without an official score report.

Goshen College will accept E-transcripts and score reports sent to or paper copies sent to:  Registrar’s Office,  Goshen College,  1700 S. Main St.,  Goshen, IN   46526