Privacy Practices

Below is a partial list of information Goshen College distributes, and what members of the college community can do to control what information is made public about them.

Also available:

Students & Faculty

Available to the general public


Student e-mail address
Available to the general public online, and in printed directories on-campus
Student ID photo
Available online only on campus, and not in any printed directories. You may elect to hide your ID photo by changing your privacy preferences (GC Online) or contacting the Registrar’s office. ID photos are collected at the time of issuing a GC ID card. Currently, the only way to change your ID photo is to get a new GC ID card, which may involve a fee from ITS-media.
Student phone & address
Available only on campus. Contact the Registrar’s office to change information.


Faculty/staff e-mail address
Available to the general public. The URL to your default personal home page is also made public.
Faculty/staff home phone
Available only on campus. You may contact the Human Resources department to ask that this be hidden even from others on campus.
Faculty/staff photo
Available online to the general public. But, if you’ve asked that your home phone number be un-listed (on-campus), your photo will also be unavailable to the general public. Contact Public Relations to update your on-file photo.
Faculty information that appears on academic department pages
For example:
Faculty information that appears on pages such as the one above is pulled from our HR database. Contact the Human Resources department ( if any changes are needed. Additional biographical information can be placed on your personal Web page. Contact for more information about personal pages.


Alumni contact information
Available in the online alumni directory. This is routinely available only to:

You may choose to hide or show certain kinds of contact information by editing your Alumni Online profile.

Only on campus

Available only on campus means that this information may be included either

  • in printed directories which are distributed only on-campus. To avoid being included in printed directories, you must express your privacy preferences within the first seven days of the beginning of a particular semester you wish to be excluded. Or…
  • online to computers which:
    • are physically connected to the campus LAN, identified as having a registered IP name ending in “”. This includes lab computers as well as personal computers in students’ dorm rooms. But, computers, such as those in the library, with routine “guest” access will be treated as “off-campus”. Or
    • present proof that they’re being used by a GC student/faculty/staff member. This might include someone off-campus who has logged in to GCOnline with a valid GC user ID and password, or used a valid GC user ID to connect to GC dialup services.

All ‘on campus’ directory information whether online or in printed form is for the personal use of students, faculty, staff and those associated with the administration of Goshen College, and may not be redistributed in any medium to others.

In addition to those groups of people who have access to personal information for personal use as described above, Goshen College staff whose job requires working with this information will also have access.

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

We strongly encourage all Goshen College employees and student workers to take a few minutes to walk through the FERPA online tutorial and quiz .

The quiz and tutorial will take you from 7-10 minutes to complete.