Copying & Printing Form

  • On occasion, type styles and line breaks do not match from your computer to ours. While we will do our best to look for errors, clean type/text is your responsibility. If spacing is crucial, please bring a sample to printing services and talk to us in person.
  • Please include your file as an attachment. We prefer PDF files.
  • Please fill out this form completely, including account number. Incomplete forms may lead to unnecessary delays
  • Color charges are based on a “per-click” charge. It is to your benefit to set up the job with as many originals as possible on 11×17 or 12×18 paper. Though the equipment will handle 12×18, be aware that a certain margin is required, so the maximum image area is approximately 11.75 x 17.75 inches. On any size paper, be sure to allow additional image if you are wanting the content to “bleed” off the page. Contact us with questions.