Relocation, Renovation and Construction Request Form

  • Departments are invited to submit proposals for relocation, renovation or construction projects to the Space Planning Committee. Proposals should follow the outline below. All proposals submitted will be carefully considered and a recommendation made by the Space Planning Committee to the President’s Council.

    The criteria by which proposals will be evaluated and recommended for funding include the following:
    1. coherence and feasibility of the proposal
    2. impact on broader institutional interests
    3. extent to which proposal would benefit most students/faculty effectively
  • Flowchart

  • Before starting this form please review the Capital Projects & Renewals Flowchart. The flowchart will clarify the decision-making process that precedes expenditures.
  • Proposal

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Project Justification

  • How many offices, classrooms, etc?
    Technology and AV equipment?
  • Timeline

  • Budget

    (If the appropriate V.P. is supportive of the project, the project will be estimated by the physical plant if possible without involving outside contractors or vendors for a “ballpark” estimate)
  • Please include:
    -any known sources of outside funding
    -other funding possibilities
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