Week One: Settling in to life in Lima

Bryce, Ben, Ming, Bobby and Jehan review their homework with Profesora Irene.

Our first week of classes is well underway. Classes are held at Catedral Buen Pastor, an Anglican church in the Miraflores district of Lima. In the mornings, students have lectures on a variety of cultural, social and historical topics, as well as occasional field trips. This week, we heard lectures on the political history of Perú since independence, life in the marginalized sectors of Lima, and the natural resources of Perú. Students also had a chance to meet GC’s Service Coordinator, Willy Villavicencio, who talked to students about growing up in an Andean village and his transition to life in Lima.

In the afternoons, students have two and a half hours of Spanish class. Students are split into three classes. The low teacher-to-student ratio gives them lots of opportunities to hone their conversational skills as well as their confidence.

We also continued our learning outside of the classroom. On Wednesday, students completed an assignment in which they got a shopping list from their host families and then visited a local market to purchase the ingredients to make a Peruvian dessert together with their family. Students also learned how to navigate their way to class with the help of their host families. By Wednesday, they were all making their way to and from classes on their own.

We are off to a great start and looking forward to our first field trip on Friday, when we will visit the southernmost districts of Lima.