Week 10, March 18-21: Ayacucho Service Assignments

Five students are serving in Ayacucho, also known as Huamanga, Andean city famous for its 33 churches. 

Michaela is assisting the first grade teacher at Colegio Apostal Pablo, teaching the children to sing “head, shoulders, knees and toes.”
In the afternoon, Michaela spends time in the market where her host mom, Nieves sells shoes.
Trever volunteers at ANFASEP’s Memory Museum, where the association of survivors of the victims of the 1980-2000 violence retell their stories in hopes that events like those that took the lives of their loved ones may never be repeated. Trever’s project is to provide an English translation of the timeline.

With his host mom and host sister on the roof of their new home, Trever  has a view of the city and the surrounding Andes.
Suzanna and her host parents Norma and Marino welcomed SST director Pat and local  SST assistant Willy to their home and ceramics shop in Quinua, an hour outside Ayacucho. Suzanna works alongside international volunteers who assist the family with painting several hours a day.
At the Pampas of Ayacucho historic sanctuary, site of a decisive battle for South American liberation, Willy, Sylvia and Hannah enjoyed the view from horesback. Also in Quinua, Hannah lives with ceramic artists Ana and Maximo. The family’s Andean duck named Susano has become Hannah’s special friend. In this corner of the workshop, Hannah spends several hours a day painting ceramic churches and figurines in preparation for sales during Holy Week.
Reena volunteers at the Totorilla Experimental Center and Zoo, chopping vegetables in the kitchen and going out to feed the animals.  Hanging out with the staff is a recently rescued baby vicuna.