Orientation — Lima

So much to see, so much to learn, so much to experience…

The students spent their first day in Peru strolling through Lima’ San Isidro district, seeing their first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean and getting acquainted with each other.  We made a stop at the San Miguel Arcangel monument in the center of the Ovalo Gutierrez.  The students took photos and changed money.  We talked about being present in Peru, about staying safe and looking out for each other.  We picnicked on the Malecon park overlooking the ocean.  Then we played games on the lawn.  We finished the afternoon outlining academic expectations and eating a delicious dinner of pollo al horno, puree de papa, arroz y ensalada cocida (oven-roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, rice and cooked vegetable salad).

We retired early tonight, for tomorrow we depart before the sun comes up for the Andes where we’ll spend three weeks learning, serving and exploring in the mountains.