So long, farewell…

The cajón performance

To mark the end of the first half of the semester—and the completion of the students’ time in Lima—we gathered at the Good Shepherd Cathedral hall on Friday night to celebrate with our host families, language professors, coordinators, and other friends of the program.

The students put together an impressive evening of entertainment, including music (both singing and a drumming performance on the Peruvian cajón), dance, and an individual speech (in Spanish!) from each student to his or her host family. They also treated the audience to two theatrical performances: the original comical skit “¡Gringos dicen cosas muy graciosas!”  (“Gringos say very funny things!”) and the story of Tupac Amaru II, the 18th-century Peruvian who fought for indigenous rights.

Several host families shared some heartfelt words about Goshen SST, and two surprise dance performances—Kevin’s backspin and Alicia’s traditional dance from Huancayo—were big hits with students and host families alike.

The entertainment was followed up with some excellent refreshments: plenty of Inca Kola, chicken sandwiches, guacamole and chips, fruit, choclo y queso, chocolate chip cookies, and the very popular “puppy chow” that Goshen students are known for here.

A good time was had by all!

Programa para la Despedida

Canciòn: “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”: (todos los estudiantes)

Bienvenida: Sonia y Percy Peralta

Discursos: Kimberly, Jennifer, Maria y Jenae

La Obra de Tupac Amaru II (todos los estudiantes)

Cajón: Mara, Caleb, Jonathan, Jennifer, Maria, Tahnee, Nate y Kayla

Discursos: Caleb, Greg, Mara y Matt

Bailar Salsa: Peter, Greg, Matt, Kimberly, Minda, Jenae, Karina y Naomi

Discursos: Jonathan, Tahnee, Minda, Nate

La Obra: “¡Gringos dicen cosas muy graciosas!”

Discursos: Peter, Karina, Kayla, y Naomi

Familias de Jenae y Jennifer

Kevin y Heather

Canciònes: “Be Thou My Vision” y “You Are Holy”: (todos los estudiantes)