What other parents say

“The commitment of Goshen professors, I think, is different than at other schools – commitment not only the the materials they’re teaching, but commitment to Jesus Christ, commitment to the church, commitment to a way of seeing the relationship between the Church and the world. They help students see a reason to pursue academic excellence, to be of service in the world. I don’t think you get that in other schools. ” - Michael Yoder ’73 and Mary Lehman Yoder ’75, parents of Rachel ’10, Anna ’06 and Katie ’04, Goshen, Ind.

“We were very happy with Ben’s decision to attend GC – and now with Matt’s choice to go to Goshen, as well. It’s so exciting to see the positive changes in Ben as he becomes more thoughtful and serious about his faith. He has developed relationships that have made his time at Goshen a lot of fun, but also broadened his view of himself and the Church and the world.” - Jane and Dave Yoder, parents of Ben ’07 and Matt ’09, Lancaster, Pa.

Part of being a global citizen, as we see it, is being tolerant of those who come from different backgrounds. Goshen must be the only institution that we know of that really is tolerant of others.

One example: “Though Goshen is a Mennonite college, where pacifism is very much valued, our son David wrote an editorial in the school newspaper in favor of George Bush and the war on terrorism. I thought for sure that he would be ostracized, but instead of being shunned, three weeks later he was asked for his input on student and faculty relationships with non-Mennonites. That is tolerance!” - Margaret and Dennis Haire, parents of David ’07, Evansville, Ind.

“My daughter Natalie transferred to Goshen from a university in our hometown. She had wanted to stay close to family, but felt like an alien at that school because she didn’t embrace the ‘let’s party’ lifestyle. Her search for a new college was rooted in a search for ‘community’, and she found that at Goshen College. She has friends who care about who she is inside and who desire more from college social life than superficial relationships of the party scene.

We are not Mennonite, but Natalie has loved the chapels at Goshen, the beautiful singing and gentle spirits. For Natalie, Goshen feels like home.”
- Nancy J. Terry, mother of Natalie ’08, Fort Collins, Colo.

“Goshen is an environment where honest exploration is encouraged. I think they encourage you to explore where you are as a person … your relationship to the rest of the world and your responsibility to other people. As a result, Monica’s definitely grown as a person. She looks at situations more broadly than just her own environment. She’s begun to realize ‘there’s a big world out there.'” - Janis K. Torres, mother of Monica ’08, Ekhart, Ind.

“I have always been convinced that you cannot put a price tag on an education at Goshen College. You can learn job skills anywhere. When your child is ready to leave home why would you not want to entrust him or her into the care of a college that shares your values and love of the broader church, and cares for his or her intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth.” - Barbara Springer ’73, mother of Tyler ’08, Troy ’05, Rachel ’00 and Ross ’98, Carlisle, Pa.