A community of care

College is a time when young people are asking about the meaning of life, learning about the world, discovering their gifts and determining worthy dreams. Finding answers, building strong relationships and seeking God’s call for their lives is exciting for students and their parents – as well as for the mentors they will find at Goshen College.

Faculty at Goshen College – whether in the classroom, during an advisory session or at a campus event – are actively engaged in the lives of students, beginning with first-year Colloquium and continuing through Senior Seminar and after graduation. Students find support and mentoring on campus, in local churches and during internships, finding role models as they seek their own path to adulthood.

The place where your student spends his or her undergraduate years makes a significant difference in choices they make about their future – and in how beliefs that affect later life are solidified. The college years are also a time when lifetime friendships are formed. Goshen College is supportive yet challenging – a stimulating place for students to integrate their values and knowledge as they mature in character and faith, and build lasting relationships.