Students at Goshen College can’t wait to make a difference in the world. Our students not only develop skills in their area of study, but learn to be creative and entrepreneurial, to be a global citizen and to find ways of learning that enable them to navigate today’s changing international workforce. They find jobs that sustain them through their vocational journey, and make significant contributions to their communities, church and the world. Moreover, they become mature adults distinguished by their compassion for others and a deepening understanding of their mission in God’s world.

Practical advice for parents

  • Remember, it takes time to adjust (for your student and for you).
  • Stay in touch with your son or daughter, but don’t overdo it, and be supportive.
  • Expect change. Your student will make transformations – a natural, inevitable part of this exciting time of growth – and it can be beautiful. You might not understand it, but you can love them all the while.
  • Make sure they have a place to come home to that is familiar to them.
  • Take comfort in knowing that the development of identity and Christian faith, along with calling and vocation, are important outcomes at Goshen College.
  • Pray for your son or daughter and his or her friends, as well as their professors and other faculty mentors.
  • Praise accomplishments and send regular notes of encouragement.
  • Allow your student to be independent. Encourage them to face challenging decisions and situations, with the knowledge of your support as they mature in making choices.
  • Ask questions – but not too many! Trust them – they will appreciate being treated as the adults they are becoming.
  • The demands of college can be stressful, so learn to be sensitive to the rhythms of academic life as the year cycles through apprehension, accomplishment, disappointment, joy and sadness as students experience exams, final projects, new friends, new experiences and life questions.
  • Keep your sense of humor!