What your child will find in a GC education: Relevant Academics

Finding a vocational calling is a journey – and at Goshen, your student will find the attention, support and challenges to equip them on that journey. They will be well prepared for their first job or graduate study, the demands of reinventing a career throughout a lifetime of work, opportunities for service at home or abroad and the dynamics of diversity in modern workplaces when they complete Goshen’s challenging, relevant academic programs. Innovative learning experiences expand students’ confidence and leadership skills.

First-year Colloquium: Colloquium welcomes students to college, introducing them to academic requirements and connecting them to campus life with a small group of peers and a professor who will become their first semester adviser. They will begin the process of charting their academic learning through a portfolio they will maintain throughout their GC experience.

Study-Service Term: Through Goshen College’s international study programs, including nearly 35 years of the unique Study-Service Term, our faculty have shepherded more than 6,400 students through learning experiences around the world, taking advantage of opportunities to build better understanding between cultures and countries. In practical terms, students who have international experience set themselves apart in the job search, as businesses, service agencies and governments seek articulate employees who make an effort to understand and respect other people.

Service: Weaving faith in Christ and service throughout students’ education is the Goshen College way. Students find many opportunities to volunteer with local schools, social service agencies, churches, campus programs and more – from the Mennonite Church-sponsored Ministry Inquiry Program and GC’s own unique Service Inquiry and Camping Inquiry programs to trips to other communities arranged by the Campus Ministries team.

Internships and research opportunities: Internships give students experience in a professional setting related to their field of study, and provide opportunities for networking and discovering where their vocational path may lead. Research opportunities – often with professors, as in our Maple Scholars program – provide a rich and rare experience for undergraduate students to reach for excellence and share their results with campus as well as state and national audiences.

Senior Seminar: A senior seminar appropriate to your student’s major integrates and synthesizes learning from throughout their college years. Addressing ethical issues related to their field of study from a Christian perspective, students and faculty discuss relating academic learning to vocational choices and future direction.