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June 30, 2022
Meet the New Leafs: Bianca Diamond, Sophia Yordy, Steven Lopez
mtnl 6

Let's wrap up June with a few more incoming student-athletes!

June 29, 2022
Meet the New Leafs: Esme Pico, Justin Dambruck, Filippo Gallo
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Here is the latest trio of new student-athletes coming to Goshen this fall!

June 28, 2022
Meet the New Leafs: Hailey Elgan, Austin Martin, Kennedy Land
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The fourth round of Meet the New Leafs involves the same teams as the last round, but new smiling faces!

June 27, 2022
Meet the New Leafs: Chris Godden, Liliana Herrera, Megan Retherford
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Round three of incoming student-athletes to meet!