The marketing of an event is the primary responsibility of the sponsor. The Communications and Marketing Office is available to be of assistance with events that have a public off-campus audience.

Marketing an Event through Publications

Publicity – Sponsors should arrange for events to be publicized on campus as least one week in advance of the event through the college’s regular channels for communicating with faculty, students, and staff.

  • Campus Communicator – daily announcement bulletin to the campus
  • Faculty Staff Bulletin – weekly bulletin to faculty and staff
  • The Record – campus student newspaper published weekly during the academic year

Off-campus publicity, for public events, should be coordinated through the Communications and Marketing office.

Posters and Fliers – Contact the Communications and Marketing Office at least eight (8) weeks prior to an event with all the pertinent event-related information if you wish to have their assistance in creating print pieces. This allows them to schedule this work into their work flow. When posting fliers and posters around campus, please use the bulletin boards provided in each building. DO NOT tape items to doors or windows.

Press Releases – Submit the press release form. The Communications and Marketing office will coordinate the sending of the press release to area news agencies as applicable. This form should be submitted to Communications and Marketing 5 weeks in advance of the event.

Web Events Calendar – After the sponsor has received confirmation of the space reservation and approval of the event registration form, then submissions to the Web Events Calendar will be approved for public viewing by a calendar administrator (generally the Office of Conferences and Events). If the sponsor has not made an entry on the calendar, the OCE will make a bookmark entry on the Web Events Calendar on event approval, allowing the sponsor to edit the description with more detailed information about the event.

Programs – if a printed program is needed, the sponsor will be responsible for creating them and making timely requests to the Printing and Mailing Office for production before the event.

Other Marketing Opportunities

  • Local radio community calendar listings
  • Personalized invitations to targeted patrons
  • WGCS 91.1 The Globe – Goshen College radio station