Contract Negotiations Information

Care must be given when negotiating on behalf of the College with an artist, agent, or lecturer in which a contract/letter of agreement is required.

When first contacting an agent or performer the sponsor should gather the following information before a contract is issued:


Is the artist available for the dates desired? Will they be touring in the area close to your desired date allowing possible efficiency in travel costs?


Is the fee quoted all inclusive or are there additional costs expected of the sponsor for equipment, rentals, travel, meals, etc.?


Does the contract include a hospitality rider (details related to lodging, food, back stage requests, etc.)? If so, what are the contents of that rider? Sometimes these riders are VERY SPECIFIC and the artist can refuse to perform if the rider is not met.


Does the contract include a technical rider (details related to stage needs, microphones needed, audiovisual equipment, stage plot, etc.). The Office of Conferences and Events (in consultation with other affected departments) must sign off on all technical riders prior to the signing / confirmation of a contract. When negotiating a contract it is important to send the artist / agent the technical specifications of the space in which they will be performing. These are available in the Office of Conferences and Events. Sometimes these riders are VERY SPECIFIC and the artist can refuse to perform if the rider is not met. Any negotiations in the rider must be included in the contract to eliminate surprises.


Does the artist/speaker offer any educational activities? If so, what are they and does it require an additional fee?

Once negotiations for the contract are concluded the contract can be issued and signed by appropriate Goshen College personnel. The Vice President of Finance is the official representative for Goshen College on legal documents like contracts. However, because of the volume of event-related contracts, the following personnel may also negotiate and sign event-related contracts up to $5000. However, great care should be taken to read contracts carefully and take all efforts to minimize the liability to the college. This includes ensuring that appropriate liability insurance is requested by performers and/or event vendors as necessary. All event-related contracts over $5000 must be approved / signed by the VP of Finance.

Below is the list of approved personnel that can negotiate and sign contracts in regards to Goshen College events (up to the the $5000 limit as noted above).

  • Goshen College President
  • Goshen College Vice Presidents and Deans
  • Directors of Goshen College Departments and Programs
  • Director of Conferences and Events
  • Director of Student Activities

If you have any questions about event contracts, contact the Office of Conferences and Events at ext. 7881.