Service Visit Report: Brian and Jared


Brian and Jared both work on coffee farms in San Ramon, a rural municipality in the mountains northeast of the city of Matagalpa. Brian reports, “This has been my third week on the farm, and so far things have been pretty fun!” His family consists of his parents, Carmen and Vicente and siblings Wilmer, Byron, … Keep reading »

Service Visit Report: Martin and Alisa


Martin and Alisa are in El Lagartillo, a remote community in the northern mountains of León. On weekday afternoons they teach English classes to a group of children ages 8-11. The classes are voluntary, so the number of students varies each day from a handful to several dozen, but this doesn’t deter Martin and Alisa. … Keep reading »

Service Visit Report: Anna

Anna outside her room at a Garnacha

Anna is living and working in La Garnacha, a campesino community just south of the city of Estelí. Her host family, whom she describes as “wonderful,” runs an organic farm in this mountainous area. She writes, “Most days of the week I hike down to the farm, work [in the field] until early afternoon, and … Keep reading »

Service Visit Report: Drea and Jake

Drea and her supervisor

Drea and Jake are stationed in the city of Matagalpa at two different service organizations. Drea spends her days at Infancia sin Fronteras (Children without Borders), a Spanish NGO whose focus is “to create the conditions for development and peaceful coexistence of peoples; and lessen the effects of war and natural disasters on the civilian … Keep reading »

Service Visit Report: Brad and Anika


Last week and this week we have been traveling to visit the students at their service locations. We’re not quite done with the traveling and visiting, but we’ve got much to show and tell! We’ll start with Brad and Anika, who work and live in the mountainous northern department and city of Jinotega. The organization … Keep reading »

Soccer! — or should we say Fútbol?

No, it’s not the World Cup, but it was quite an evening only three weeks ago now (it seems much longer ago than that), when GC students and Carazo host families joined a local soccer team in Diriamba for a series of brief matches that left us smiling, breathless and hungry. Organized and officiated by … Keep reading »


César has an obvious passion for teaching.

Although much of our learning during the first six weeks was experiential, guest lectures and readings added both depth and breadth to our country study. In addition to the initial series of lectures on Nicaraguan history by Aynn Setright, we attended charlas (talks) on gender relations, literature, religion, and economic development, among others. One of … Keep reading »

Despedida and Service Send-Off


Our first six weeks has come and gone so fast, and it’s already time for some goodbyes. Last night we thanked our Carazo families and friends with a farewell dinner and program (despedida), and the students did a wonderful job of planning, decorating, acting, singing, and serving the meal to all those who have welcomed them … Keep reading »

And they're off!

Here they come!

Earlier today our 22 students “flew the [Carazo] coop,” so to speak, and although we’ll miss them, we’re excited to see what the next six weeks will bring! We’ll post more details shortly, but for now we’ll just share share this news and give a glimpse of where they’re all headed…

Experiential Learning, Part 4: Salsa!

Anika and Jacob tearing up the dance floor

We started this week with what has become a tradition of the Nica SST experience: dance lessons. From folkloric to bachata, cumbia to Palo de Mayo, dance is an integral part of Nicaraguan culture, and we’ve seen a lot of it in the month we’ve been here. Monday afternoon we learned that trying a few … Keep reading »