Music, dance, and pottery

Nestor teaches the guys how to dance

On Wednesday the students learned about different music genres heard in Nicaragua, including popular folkloric music from national composers.  The presenter who played recordings of the different music types also brought a dance partner to demonstrate the fast-stepping, highly rhythmic dance styles for different types of music.  Then it was the students’ turn to practice … Keep reading »

Another birthday; education in Nicaragua

Alejandro searches to put the nose on the clown

At our Monday Coyuntura it appeared that we had forgotten it was Alejandro’s birthday; there was no cake and no singing for Alejandro.  Afterwards Maria asked Alejandro for some help running errands, while the rest of us hopped on public transports to go to Alejandro’s home, where a surprise party had been planned by his … Keep reading »

First week of our routine in Carazo


A typical day for the students begins when they leave their home in Jinotepe, Dolores or Diriamba (all in the same department of Carazo) and make their way to the edge of Jinotepe where we have our Spanish classes starting at 9:30.  Most students arrive early, and Doug or Maria checks in with everyone before … Keep reading »

Field trip to Managua

Precolumbian statue

On Tuesday we took a day-long field trip to Managua, the capital, starting at the old city center.  The original Cathedral is now in ruins with its clock frozen at the time (12:32 a.m.) when the 1972 earthquake leveled almost all the major buildings in the downtown area.  The Somoza dictatorship’s theft of international relief … Keep reading »

Moved in with new families

The rainy season has started!

Friday began with a nice surprise: rain!  Because the dry season begins in December, everything in Managua was very dry when we arrived.  The rainy season usually begins around mid-May, but this year it appears to have started already.  As we drove out of Managua and up the mountain to Jinotepe (where the SST unit … Keep reading »

First meal; first Spanish classes

1st meal in Nicaragua

Last night for supper the students enjoyed their first Nicaraguan meal, which included a tortilla, salad, mixed vegetables, a fresco de Jamaica (hibiscus tea) and ……. rice and beans.  Everyone liked the rice and beans, which is good, because that is the Nicaraguan staple. After breakfast this morning (which included 4 types of fruit, as … Keep reading »


loading bus at airport

The students arrived on time today, shortly after noon.  Once they stepped outside the airport, they were greeted by the robust heat that characterizes Managua in April.  This is the hottest month of the year.  After a 45-minute trip through the heart of Managua, we arrived at Centro Kairos guest house, where we will be … Keep reading »