Competitive UNO!


Aaron with his host father and brother.

A time I really enjoyed with my family was on an UNO game we played which got very intense. It brought out competitive sides of both of my parents and a little bit of mine which made it all more enjoyable. My dad’s cousin was there so it was interesting to hear both English and Spanish around this very intense UNO game.

On his days off my dad’s cousin likes to drop by our house to spend some time with family close to his age, because he lives alone. This UNO game was originally between my dad, my dad’s cousin and me, but when my mom got home, she joined as well. In total, we played 4 games of UNO and the last round took a solid 45 minutes to play!

This was meaningful to me because one of my gifts to my family was this very set of UNO cards. It made me happy to see the joy and competitiveness that transcended the borders of language. It brought laughter, groans of frustration, and shouts of joy. It felt good and like home with adults around the table playing and my brothers running around the table trying to be apart of the action. This has been by far the best experience with my family.

Aaron the soccer star
Aaron the soccer star (at a local school).
Aaron taking a break.
Aaron taking a break in Granada.
Week 4-Weekend-Matagalpa, Esteli, Logartillo 218
Aaron & Emily V. & Ben listen to stories in Lagartillo.
Ben, Wade, and Aaron feeling the breeze
Ben, Wade, and Aaron feeling the breeze on Mombacho.