Week 4 in Review: Healthcare and Folklore Art

Week 4 was again filled with many activities and learning experiences for students.

Monday 5/25– Students attended their normal morning Spanish classes followed by a reunion gathering at Casa Goshen in the afternoon.  This reunion time involved a quiz on the previous week’s topics of gender and natural world; worship led by Brianne & Emma, reflection and sharing with one another, and of course, a delicious lunch prepared by the amazing, Connie.

Celebrating Luke's 21st birthday at Casa Goshen with Pillo Quinto-a traditional Nicaraguan dessert.
Celebrating Luke’s 21st birthday at Casa Goshen with Pilla Quinto-a traditional Nicaraguan dessert.
Some nursing staff of a public healthcare clinic in La Concha.
Some nursing staff of a public healthcare clinic in La Concha.
Dedicated nurses sharing with our GC students.
Dedicated nurses sharing with David J., Erin and other GC students about the work of their clinic.









Tuesday  morning 5/26- Students split into 2 groups visiting 2 different public health clinics in the city of La Concha.  One clinic has 8 doctors and several nurses serving over 40,000 in the city and surrounding countryside.   Another smaller clinic serves 12-14,000 patients.  Students learned a great deal about the public healthcare system and how the Nicaraguan government seeks to provide free healthcare for all its citizens.


  IMG_4519  IMG_4526

Wednesday 5/27-The day began with Spanish classes in the morning, followed by lunch at Casa Goshen and a 30 minute trip to Masatepe to a cultural center.  There students learned about traditional dances of Nicaragua from the various regions and the history and culture these dances represent.  Students were invited to join in some of the dances and did so with graciousness and fun-loving spirits.


  IMG_4523  IMG_4527


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Thursday 5/28- The day began again with Spanish class.  Students had lunch on their own and then were invited to come to Casa Goshen if they wanted to bake items and put together flower bouquets for their host mothers as a way of celebrating Nicaraguan Mother’s Day (May 30) with them.  Students had the rest of the afternoon and evening free to spend with their host mothers and families.

Friday 5/29 students departed for a weekend away in Matagalpa, Esteli and the mountain community of Lagartillo.  This trip will be featured in a future blog. Stay tuned.