Soccer! — or should we say Fútbol?

IMG_0223No, it’s not the World Cup, but it was quite an evening only three weeks ago now (it seems much longer ago than that), when GC students and Carazo host families joined a local soccer team in Diriamba for a series of brief matches that left us smiling, breathless and hungry. Organized and officiated by Alisa’a host dad, Rafael, the games were a big hit for those who played as well as those who cheered from the sidelines. Afterward we invited the Diriamba team and host family members to join us for a well-earned pizza dinner across from the central park in Diriamba. Enjoy these action shots!

(Note: We are on the road this week and next, visiting all 22 students at their service locations. We will begin posting reports of these visits soon.)

Lisa and Jen

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