Despedida and Service Send-Off

Anika and Sam wowed us with a folkloric dance
Anika and Sam wowed us with a folkloric dance

Our first six weeks has come and gone so fast, and it’s already time for some goodbyes. Last night we thanked our Carazo families and friends with a farewell dinner and program (despedida), and the students did a wonderful job of planning, decorating, acting, singing, and serving the meal to all those who have welcomed them and helped them adjust to life in Nicaragua over the past six weeks. The evening was filled with music, dancing, laughter, and reminiscing, not to mention a scrumptious meal prepared by Conny, the incredible cook who has been keeping the students well-fed at our semi-weekly reuniones for the last six weeks.

Early this morning most of the group left for points north, west, and east, and this afternoon the others headed for nearby locations. Here is where everyone will spend their next six weeks on service:

Carazo-Masaya-Granada-Managua area:

  • Alma – Jinotepe/Diriamba (Libros para Ninos)
  • Kara – San Juan del Oriente (ceramics studio)
  • Sam – Laguna de Apoyo (school)
  • Thomas – Laguna de Apoyo (biological research station)
  • Peter – Laguna de Apoyo (biological research station)
  • Ben – Mombacho (volcano/cloud forest in Granada)
  • Hillary – Managua (Centro Batahola Norte)
  • Blake – Managua (Centro Batahola Norte)

To the northwest:

We (Jen and Lisa) sure are going to miss these goofballs!
We (Jen and Lisa) sure are going to miss these goofballs!
  • Ashley – near city of Leon (school and women’s cooperative)
  • David – Chichigalpa, Chinandega (school)

To the north:

  • Alisa – El Lagartillo, Estelí (school)
  • Martin – El Lagartillo, Estelí (school)
  • Anna – La Garnacha, Estelí (organic farm)
  • Drea – city of Matagalpa (Infancía sin Fronteras)
  • Jake – city of Matagalpa (school)
  • Anika – city of Jinotega (Los Pipitos)
  • Brad – city of Jinotega (Los Pipitos)
  • Jared – San Ramon, Matagalpa (farm)
  • Brian – San Ramon, Matagalpa (farm)

To the east/northeast:

  • Jacob – San Onofre, Boaco (school)

To the far east:

  • Daniel – Pearl Lagoon (clinic)
  • Alyssa – Pearl Lagoon (school)

We’ll start visiting and reporting on the students at their service locations during the first week of July. In the meantime, we’ll post a few more updates on our recent Carazo activities, so we hope you’ll check back again soon.

Lisa & Jen