Off to Service

On Friday the students left for their service assignments.  Since then we’ve received word that they are all with their service host family now.  Their placements are as indicated on the map, and the work assignments are as follows:

Aaron B. – Laguna de Apoyo;  creating a mural and working on a recycling project.

Aaron S. – Yasica Sur; help with organic farming.

Alejandro – El Lagartillo; teach English and help with community work.

Ali Hochstetler – La Concepcion; work in community medical clinic.

Becky Snider – Batahola Norte; work in children’s music program.

Benson – San Onofre; assisting in primary school and teaching music.

Bobby – Pearl Lagoon; work in community medical clinic.

Caleb – Masatepe; work in community medical clinic.

Cora – Jinotepe; work with children’s reading program.

Elise – Matagalpa; work in nutritional center.

Emily – La Concepcion; work in community medical clinic.

Haley – Leon; teach English.

Jordan – Masatepe; assist community organization with carpentry.

Josh J. – Mombacho; assist with national park work.

Josh S. – Matagalpa; work at center for street children.

Maria – Candelaria; work on renewable energy projects.

Olivia – San Onofre; assisting in primary school and community health education.

Robert – Diriamba; planting trees and other work at organic coffee farm and bird sanctuary.

Seth – Yasica Sur; help with organic farming.

Yuriy – Pearl Lagoon; teaching math and assist with hotel management.


On Thursday night we had a despedida (good-bye) party for the students, their Jinotepe families, and their teachers.  Within the next few days we will put up a blog post with pictures of that event.  Then, in about 10 days, Doug and Maria will begin making trips to visit each of the students in their service locations.  As we return from those trips, we will post information and pictures.


  1. Dan Hochstetler says

    It’s good to see the student names, places where they’re going, and what they’ll be doing, especially for the 6 or 7 that we know. We’ll be looking for their pictures in future posts! As a retired middle school social studies teacher, including Latin American studies, it is interesting to follow the GC students in Nicaragua and Peru. We hope they all have a good experience.

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