Complexities of life

Dear Nica SST blog readers,

While we regret the recent dearth of postings, we thought you might appreciate  a quick glimpse of what all has contributed to the paucity while we strive to catch up. In the past 10 days we have: spent 3 full days traveling with the students (one day trip to Managua, and a 2-day trip to Esteli); in the remaining 8 days, we were without internet for 5 of them (some kind of system issue with Claro, the provider), and we were without electricity for the remaining 2 of them (which also means no internet) (and just happens to also mean no running water, since the city water system depends on electricity to pump the water).  Now we find ourselves & the students safely home, with lots of all kinds of catching up to do, hoping that the tropical storm rains are over for now so that laundry can dry, and that electricity, running water, and internet are all going to remain fully functioning.  If all systems cooperate, we hope to get several postings up with pictures in the next few days.