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Indiana native and artist Carol Ann Carter offers 2007 Eric Yake Kenagy Visiting Artist lecture

Carter’s creative work began in intaglio printmaking and advanced to mixed media painting and fiber construction in 1984 after she went to Nigeria to study Hausa men’s traditional weaving and embroidery. “The energy and exaggeration of life there made it imperative to me, and subsequently to my work, to respond with like energy. Nigeria was the catalyst for the shift in my art’s direction,” Carter said in the book “Mixed Blessings.” She is currently working in multimedia installation – performance, mixed media and digital imaging and video. Carter is also interested in collaboration across cultures and disciplines in the arts.

Merry Lea’s green building outperforms energy projections

Somewhere in Appalachia, there is a big pile of extra coal: about 3.5 tons, or enough to fill five pick-up trucks. That's how much coal Rieth Village, a biological field station owned and operated by Merry Environmental Learning Center of Goshen College, didn't use in the past six months. The five-plus tons of carbon dioxide that are not in the atmosphere are harder to visualize but also important in light of mounting concerns over global warming.