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The Making of ...

Into the Woods

Making the show go:
' Twenty-two students in the cast, twelve in the
' Eleven large moving parts on the set, including eight layers of trees and props that flow onto the stage
' 100 props, donated by 40 individuals ranging in age from eight to 80-something
' Approximately three cargo vans full of fabric – all of which was donated

Goshen students in Cuba
Jack, played by frosh Kyle Reinford (Goshen) is scolded by his mom, played by senior Phoebe Brubaker (Mifflintown, Pa.), while senior Tom Kelley (Goshen) narrates the fairy tale. Brubaker and Kelley were assistant directors for the production, which also fulfilled their senior recital requirements.

Music Director Debra Brubaker leads the orchestra from the pit during rehearsal while Christine Seitz played accompaniment.

Frosh Cassie Greer (South Bend, Ind.) constructs one of the houses.

Seniors Olivia Roth (Des Moines, Iowa) and Becca Landis (Lancaster, Pa.) dye fabric for the trees.

Frosh Alburn Binkley (Bausman, Pa.) staples fabric together to form a tree.

Rapunzal, played by senior Alison Dick (Goshen), lets her hair down from the tower.

The Witch was played by senior Rehanna Kheshgi (Evanston, Ill.).

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