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Rich Kremer

Rich Kremer '75

West Lebanon, N.H.
Majors at GC: Bible and religion, physics
Post-graduate education: Attended Goshen Biblical Seminary for one year; master’s degree and doctorate in the history of science, Harvard University

Kremer taught at the University of New Hampshire in 1984-85 before taking his current position in the history department at Dartmouth College, with frequent research leaves to Germany.
“(At Goshen), I remember having soul-searching conversations about mission, direction, career and calling – interacting with an amazing constellation of faculty.

“At Harvard University, Owen Gingerich ’51 became a real mentor to me – we continue to be in frequent contact – and he essentially taught me how to teach. The key thing, Owen said, was care and concern for the students. Every Friday, he would go to lunch with three or four students – it was unheard of at Harvard. I follow that tradition today by inviting my students to join me for lunch on Thursdays.

“Like Goshen, Dartmouth encourages faculty to teach across departments – that’s the magic of liberal arts. And since SST in Haiti, the most important educational experience of my life, I’ve had a desire to live abroad. I’ve been able to do that, spending around six total years in Germany.”
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