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Maribeth Diener Friesen

Maribeth Diener Friesen '76

Goshen, Ind.
Major/Minor at GC: Social work/ art; returned to GC in 1990 for a teaching certificate

Maribeth Diener Friesen raised three children after graduating from Goshen College. When her youngest son was ready to go to school, she did too, returning to Goshen College to learn to help raise other’s children.

She now teaches second grade at Jefferson Elementary in Middlebury, Ind. – a job she says is enriched by her life experience as a mother and as a child care worker. Children, she believes, can be very effective teachers themselves.
Friesen saw the college from a new perspective as a nontraditional student.

“I was glad for the accessible professors and small classes, and also found a greater appreciation for the campus’ spirituality than I had as a younger person,” she said.

Friesen consciously transfers the college’s commitment to service to her own life.

“I believe strongly in the fact that we all have a reason for being here and I believe that it is to serve others,” said Friesen. “Every year I have very challenging students in my class and I think of them as teachers — what am I going to learn from them?”
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